If you like Irish Music, or need some laughs with some Irish Comedy, join me today for "Sounds Of The Emerald Isle" on WVBF 1530 a.m. in eastern Massachusetts. We will be on at 12:05 a.m. (Eastern US Time) and will have Irish Music and Comedy. This show is in its 34th year on the radio. Please share with friends who enjoy this type of music.

Your requests are welcome during the show today by calling (508) 822-1106. We will be happy to play a song for you (as long as we have not played the song in the past month).

You may also send an email request to:

Please note this is the only email to send a request to while we are on the air and is only checked on Sundays during the radio show.

You can listen anywhere in the world at:

Click the button for "WVBF Radio'. If that doesn't work with your player, click the "Tune In' button.
If you have no computer or access to the internet, you can now listen on your phone.

Call (712) 832-7094. If you are calling from a home phone and have unlimited long distance, it should not cost you anything. Check with your phone company. It may use mobile minutes.

Many thanks and have a great day. 


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